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11 crowdsourced ideas to start to realise Customer Obsession within the organisation: Customer experience Gerry McGovern Workshop June 13th

Status is onlineMichiel JansenGlobal CRO for Leaseplan Digital – Global Marketing Team (A/B Testing, Personalisation, Product improvement)17 artikelen

Today Gerry McGovern kicked of the “Customer Obsession’ workshop with the following question; “If you had a magic wand and could change one thing in your current company or organization; what would it be?”In the audience: 30 employees, independent consultants working at or for large companies, local and national government, consumer associations & universities.

11 Ways to start to realise Customer Obsession within the organisation:

1.    Get 20% of time dedicated to realising The Voice of the Customer. (Should be more but lets be practical).  

2.    Get a ‘Customer day’: Every day should be customer day…… but for most organisations 1 day would be a great start!

3.    Get people out of the office! Talk to customer not ‘Read about the customer in research’

4.    Fix the fragmentation in organisation. When no one ‘owns’ the whole customer journey, the customer looses out.

5.    Reduce internal ‘marketing’ so department wants to push their own program or product and therefore don’t care about the customer.

6.    Too much focus on future customers instead of on current customers.

7.    KPI’s are to short because of reporting to stockholders every 3 months so they actually know what to do, but they don’t do it because of KPI. Make the management sleepless about the customer: not about the KPI’s

8.    Get different blood groups connected, beginning of openness and curiosity about the customer rather than stay fixed in the beliefs of ‘your own blood group’.

9.    Get a Customer Happiness Officer on the ‘management floor’.

10. Speed up, become more agile. If the organisation is slow -even if you have the customer input needed-You are way to slow to make it happen.

11. Less arrogance and ego at management level: The website department gets treated by the Management as if the management is the customer.