Hotjar Clickbehaviour Analysis and Heatmaps




We have sooo many assumptions about what works for your visitors. But what is the ‘Job’ you want to let your webpages do for your visitors? Each page should have max 3 jobs. With a clear hierarchy. Because of how organizations function, many pages are unfocussed. They have too many ‘jobs’ which will confuse your visitors and make your conversion drop. Every department thinks that they need a ‘spot’ on the page for their product/task. Like Mr McGovern says: at night when ‘tiny tasks’ go to sleep’ they dream of waking up as a top task’ In effect most organizations have 3-5 real top tasks. The rest is tiny and should be treated like that not to confuse the visitor.


I will interview you. Determine your Top tasks for your Top segments. Then scan your pages with Heatmaps and Clikmaps. Using Hotjar or a tool like that. Price depends on if you already have a heatmap tool installed.


It works like this

  1. Put this item in your shopping bag and checkout.
  2. I will contact you for an intake
  3. Give me a 30-minute background on your website in a Webex.
  4. I will send you a top 10 improvements that you should test (or implement if you don’t have the traffic)


We have all seen them in Textbooks, in Blogs or Cases, On Medium or LinkedIn.

A/B test cases where -by changing the button color- the leads increase with an incredible amount.

If it was that simple to improve your website how hard would it be to copy?

Most big site improvements if someone connects your target group, value proposition, and webshop or website flow. That takes a bit more experience than changing a button color. I should know because I set up and ran AB Test teams for the likes of Adidas, CarNext, eBay, Mastercard, Visa, Moneyou, Sanoma, and many startups.

I can do the same for you (As long as you are not involved in Car or Financial Lease)


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