Project Description


Optimalisatie & Digital Marketing ‘Change team’ – Website, Mobile & Apps (interim)


So proud of this Interim assignment. Why, because I managed to really work together with multiple teams & realized my assignment and beyond. Lets start with the beyond: the Factbased Redesign of

Service-oriented page outselling sales page

By testing my team managed to show that reducing the number of banners for products and balancing the commercial by adding more Service to the homepage really works. The resulting ‘Service’ page outsold the Commercial one and ….. led to a higher NPS and Successcore. What a thing to realize with 2 tests in a +10.000 company.


Fact-based redesign

Because of the results with the homepage we got to work together closely with the UX team. And did:

  • A factbased redesign of the main menu (reducing it form 13 ‘main’ items to 5 with subs.
  • Introduced a ‘responsive ‘sandbox’ leading to a ‘section by section’ responsive redesign of the templates.


Conversion methodology and testing program

My responsibility is to make sure business needs and targets are met without compromising test quality and steering based on myths. So: Inspire teams to do great and effective Optimizations and become the best CRO specialists they can be!

– Coordinate with Optimization experts in the business teams, test quality
– Making sure CRO is Extra Sales and not just great tests.
– Inspire Dialogue and Cooperation across teams and departments

Design update with an Agile approach (Lean UX, Testbased whatever you want to call it)
This means the new design and elements of the design are being tested on a live area of the website. Only when the concept works in practice does it become the new design.

One Day Sprint: The Battle of Ecommerce

For ABN AMRO we introduced a ‘one day sprint’ like event called ‘Battle of Ecommerce’ where she organized sessions with 5 multidisciplinary e-commerce and product teams. The sessions led to Testable and direct improvements in Conversion and NPS and were an inspiration to all who participated. And a force of change within ABN AMRO Digital Banking. Besides that we created overviews of Optimizations, Managed Optimization and Feedback tooling and saw to it that an Optimization Culture, Internal Network and Best Practice were collected and shared.